[kde-solaris] KDE & Sun GNOME

Laurent Blume laurent at elanor.org
Tue Aug 12 23:50:54 CEST 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Lars Tunkrans wrote:
>    I havent had  any problems  with it.  Since the FCS relaease  Gnome2
> is in the standard  /usr/bin /usr/lib  structure

Yes, IMHO, it could have stayed in /[usr|opt]/gnome, and worked just as well
without breaking anything. Ah well. Get to live with it :-/

>   There are some additional  libs / includes   under /usr/sfw     like
> jpeg  png   and such  which I am  using
>    for KDE as well  with  success.
>    Im   building  the full KDE  3.1.3   now  with  Gcc 3.3   patched
> for the  " internal compiler error"
>    that was exposed  by   the arts-1.1.3   gsl   sources .   the Gnome
> 2.0  FCS  packages are on the
>    system.

Ok, now that I've got GCC 3.3.1, that should be ok.

>     So far I have done  arts, libs, base, utils, admin, toys, games,
> sdk, network  & graphics.
>     Im not  using any script  though .   Its likely that this build
> script you mention  has  problems.

Possible, though it's very basic, just a list of library and include paths
added to various environment variables (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS...)
Since I just hate putting everything in the same directory, I've got each lib
in its own little directory in /opt. Cleaner, but many ./configure scripts get
all confused when they don't find everything in /usr/lib.

Hmmm. now that I think about it, maybe some stuff didn't like having Sun GNOME
compiled against Xsun, and KDE trying to build with XFree86.

I guess I'll have to give it another try, investigate more, and post again :-)

>         I belive  I am now  seeing  a performance  improvment   with the
> new  SPARC  optimizer  thats  built
>     in to  Gcc 3.3  .   Jörg Schilling  reported  in one of the solaris
> news-groups on usenet   that
>     gcc 3.3 compiled code  was  only  14 %  worse  than  Forte 7
> compiled code, as compared to
>    30 %  worse   for  Gcc 3.2
>          As I still have all the old binaries in renamed directories Ill
> do some comparisons later on.

I'm on Solaris x86, so I wouldn't expect the performance gap to be that big
between Forte/Sun binutils and GCC/GNU binutils.
Not sure what it could be, it'd be interesting to compare there too.


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