[kde-solaris] KDE & Sun GNOME

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Tue Aug 12 22:37:08 CEST 2003

Laurent Blume wrote:

> Has anybody compiled KDE successfully with Sun GNOME installed?
> If yes, did you use any special trick?
> Last time I tried Sun GNOME, it broke the KDE build script I'm using, 
> and there was no way around it since it's all in /usr/lib.
> I didn't investigate more at the time, but since it's become 
> integrated in the OS, I'd better get ready for Solaris 10 :-) 

   I havent had  any problems  with it.  Since the FCS relaease  Gnome2 
is in the standard  /usr/bin /usr/lib  structure
  There are some additional  libs / includes   under /usr/sfw     like  
jpeg  png   and such  which I am  using
   for KDE as well  with  success. 
   Im   building  the full KDE  3.1.3   now  with  Gcc 3.3   patched  
for the  " internal compiler error" 
   that was exposed  by   the arts-1.1.3   gsl   sources .   the Gnome 
2.0  FCS  packages are on the

    So far I have done  arts, libs, base, utils, admin, toys, games, 
sdk, network  & graphics.
    Im not  using any script  though .   Its likely that this build 
script you mention  has  problems.

     What  I am doing is that I have built  approx  90 %  of the 
requiered  and recommend  subsystems
     to KDE  with Forte 7 compiler , as these  subsystems  are written 
in  C Language. 
    Some of them  like  FAM  and  MAD   depends on Gcc extensions and 
are  also very linux  dependent .
    so I have  skipped  FAM but build MAD with GCC.  
           Stefan has mentioned that  He ported FAM to solaris ,  It 
would be  great to get hold of  that
    port  !

        I belive  I am now  seeing  a performance  improvment   with the 
new  SPARC  optimizer  thats  built
    in to  Gcc 3.3  .   Jörg Schilling  reported  in one of the solaris  
news-groups on usenet   that  
    gcc 3.3 compiled code  was  only  14 %  worse  than  Forte 7  
compiled code, as compared to
   30 %  worse   for  Gcc 3.2 
         As I still have all the old binaries in renamed directories Ill 
do some comparisons later on.

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