[kde-solaris] Pkgtools, 64-bit, etc.

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Sat Apr 26 02:04:31 CEST 2003

     I have spent some time building  Subsystems needed by KDE3.x  on 
  using Forte7 / studio7 .  

      libpng, liblcms, libmng,  samba , pilotlink, libmal,  libbzip2, 
libz,  SDL,  ....
   all 32-bit.  

   Problem with 64 bit binaries seems to bee that  you need to have all 
the libraries that you intend to link
   with  in 64 bit version.  Or it's probable that my knowledge of these 
things is too limited.
  anyway  when I tried to build 64-bit binaries/libraries  and the Build 
needs to link with another
  library that exists only  in 32.bit version the linking fails.

    I have built  KDE. 3.1.1 with Gcc  3.2.2  on solaris  9   with 
    this  was almost automatic  as soon as I had solaris 9  12/02 
 installed  plus the latest Xsun Patch
    for Xrender .  

    Why  do you guys  want 64 bit mode.   It is unlikley that it would 
yield  any  greater amount of performance.
     I belive that greater performance benefits could be had from 
utilising such things  as the  
     SUN Performance library  and the  SUN Media Libraries.  Actually 
 the guys at Chalmers institute
     of technology here in sweden who produces the XinePlugin   for 
NOATUN  in KDE Miultimedia suite
    has built a Media Library interface.  Then   there is the   " cc 
-lfast "     linking option  , not the same as
    "cc -fast "     that has optimised arithmetic routins for specific 
proccessor types.  
     How can we  produce KDE binaries that  uses the VIS- instructionset 
 optimally  ?
     To try to discern these areas  will probably  yield  more benefit 
than just a recompile in 64 bit.

      64-bit mode is as far as I understand for building apps with huge 
datasets .  ( > 4 GB )    

Stefan Teleman wrote:

>So, i am basically taking an opinion poll :-). Please vote for either 
>Solaris 8 64-bit (should take 4-5 weeks) or Solaris 9 with Xrender 
>(don't really know how long it would take, there are too many 
>variables, probably a couple of months). I wish i could do it faster, 
>but, unfortunately, i can only work on this evenings and weekends.

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