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I have been an Xmonad user for a couple of years (and awesome for a
little while as well) because of the productivity gains, it's just so
much faster to use the keyboard than to switch back and forth between
mouse and keyboard. It's also faster to have the windows tiled in a
manner which allows you to access information faster by glancing
instead of the alternative used by Kwin and others which is to to alt
tab for moving windows out of the way. I recently switched back to KDE
when I realized I started spending a large part of my time attempting
to acquire all the functionality of a DE out of Xmonad. It would be
ideal to have all the power which KDE offers with easier access to
data which tiling window managers offer.

The closest thing we have is configuring the machine to have several
virtual desktops with all the window maximized. Then you can do
something like super + 1..8 and have some type of similar
functionality. I realize KDE has tiling, it's the reason I decided to
give it a go, but it's in no way the same or optimal. I appreciate the
underlying work, but from what I can tell it's lacking the basic
ability to tile a window on the upper or lower half of the screen with
the other windows tiled below or above respectively (i.e. column view
rotated 90 degrees) and the ability to move windows with the keyboard.
Kwin is also lacking per-desktop layout configurations. The rest is
simply icing.

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 3:13 PM, Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at> wrote:
> On Sunday 11 March 2012 03:43:17 heathmatlock wrote:
>> I'm looking into proposing three more projects just in case my
>> original proposal is declined:
>> * comment support for Words
>> * advanced tiling for Kwin, features similar to what you find in
>> Xmonad, Awesome, etc.
> thanks for your interest in doing a gsoc for kwin. Before considering the
> project I would like to know whether you are a user of an advanced tiling
> window manager like awesome or i3. If yes I would be very interested to know
> why you want to have advanced tiling capabilities added to KWin.
> Cheers
> Martin Gräßlin
> KWin maintainer
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