Umbrello and Calligra

Camila Ayres smayres at
Thu Apr 7 04:10:10 CEST 2011


There is a discussion about my proposal right now:
(check the comments)

Some people from Calligra have proposed to use Flake in Umbrello
instead of QGraphicsView. Even though I already worked a lot in this
proposal and studied how to port Umbrello to QGraphicsView it is a
interesting idea. But I know nothing about Calligra (except for what I
read about it today) and neither does my mentor, Jonathan.

So before I put time in this , I need to know 2 things:
* How much do I need to rewrite. I understood from Boudewijn that
Flake could replace QGraphicsView but Jonathan was afraid Umbrello
would need a full rewrite. That would of course be too much for a GSOC
* Does it make sense to integrate Umbrello in an Office Suite?

I know I could add a week to investigate this to my GSOC but I just
like to be better prepared before I start...

I hope some of you can share some insights on this.

Thanks in advance!

Camila Ayres

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