status report: SPI

James Horey jhorey at
Mon Aug 29 18:58:20 CEST 2005

Hello all,

It's been a while since I posted something to kde-soc, and I apologize for 
that. However in the meantime I have been able to get some work done. Most of 
my previous work has concentrated on getting much of the backend stuff 
working. This has meant I spent a lot of time writing a good TinyOS program 
that can be used as a template, and getting reliable communication between 
the KDE program and the sensor hardware.

Recently however, I spent a lot of time trying to get the actual interface in 
better shape. So far I've begun implementing creating/saving/loading sensor 
network "projects". These projects consist of several files and metadata 
necessary to keep a sensor network deployment organized. I've also written 
some code to allow the user to specify global options (such as where the 
TinyOS installation is). Hopefully this will go some way in making this 
application usable.

The next immediate thing I'd like to do is finish some of the pivot-table and 
query code. A lot of that code is already written and simply needs to be 
refined and fixed. Once I have that done, I should have an application that 
more people find interesting.

I have been keeping my code on sourceforge 
<>. Once the application is 
in a more interesting state, I will upload it to KDE's svn repository. 


James Horey
Email:jhorey at
Office:FEC 301D
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