Status report of soc-kontact-scripting on Aug 22

Kun Xi bookstack at
Wed Aug 24 03:40:11 CEST 2005

Hello mentors,

Sorry for the late status report. I just finished my travelling and
went back to the town,
then left the town to visit my wife, whatever, here is the progress report:

  Complete the KABProxyImp template. -- Now it is much easier to wrap
a C++ object and
expose it to the script namespace.

  KABProxyImp could not support property and method at the same time.

We use put method to add function objects to the class. If twe want to
add properties, we
need to override the put/get method, then, the overrided methods don't
work for adding
methods (aka addBindings).

  Refine the template
  Complete the KMail and KOrganizer skeletons.

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