KRO status #4

David Moreno Montero david at
Sat Aug 27 16:31:40 CEST 2005


New features of the KDE runtime observer are time slider finally working 
(you can observe the status of your application at any given time), and 
lots of usability improvements.

All the features promissed at my petition for google are acomplished. 
The big resume is: You are able to observe a running application object 
relationships from a Qt point of view, containment and signals/slots, in 
a graphical view, at real execution time or move around timeline.

Anyway I'll spend this days left to improve the application as possible, 
and make some documentation, like user manual, tutorial and document 
classes that are not documented yet. I will also work more on the signal 
grid, that although is perfectly useable, it could be better.

Observe a application is sligthly slower than a simple run of the 
application, but not much.. anyway it depends of the application. For 
example observe konqueror takes about 40 seconds on my Pentium M 1800MHz 
to get responsive, but a simple observation for smaller applications 
like kro itself, or konsole is almost instantaneous.

After September 1st+vacation time I'll start on a version able to 
observe Qt4 objects too.

Latest code, as always at /trunk/playground/utils/kro/

and a tarball at

Please, if you try it, send me as many feedback as possible.

Btw, should kro stay longer at playground, or be moved to any other place?


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