kamion status report

Martijn Klingens klingens at kde.org
Mon Aug 22 09:45:51 CEST 2005

On Monday 22 August 2005 05:29, Milan Mitrovic wrote:
> This has been a busy week (and a few days on top). I have finished working
> on packaging and extraction. By the end of the week I will finish resource
> installation, and I hope to finish the rest of the required functionality
> so the project gets rated as successfull *coughs*

Is there anything critical that might prevent you from finished the project 

> I still have a few silly problems hanging around, like for example, writing
> to config files. This somehow refuses to work. isReadOnly returns false,
> configFileWritable returns true, and everything else I could think of
> checking looks fine, but the file still doesn't get written.

Since Kamion handles config files in a rather special way I am not sure you 
should be using normal KConfig here. I'm sure Waldo or one of the other 
experts can tell you, but you may want to look at how I use KSimpleConfig in 

> I've been focused on finishing the functionality so I've been doing just
> enough to make it work. As a result of that I have a growing list of things
> that have to be done to put the program in good shape. I've found that I
> have a much better understanding of the requirements with the functionality
> almost in place (build one to throw away?) I really look forward to
> refactoring because I think I will be able to produce a much cleaner
> solution to the problem (and something that people will actually want to
> use)

Yeah, after the SoC is over and you get to improve and maintain the program 
the fun begins, especially when people start using your application and they 
start mailing you all kinds of praises and requests (or flames and bug 
reports ;-) ).


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