[Kde-scm-interest] Amarok move to git broke scripty

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jul 26 22:38:49 CEST 2009

A Diumenge, 26 de juliol de 2009, Chani va escriure:
> > >  it seemed like a fairly simple patch after looking at it, apart from
> > >  the .desktop part which i wasn't quite done with... of course, simple
> > >  patches have a way of causing side-effects in scripty...
> ugh, the .desktop files.
> so, I have code that'll let you send the pot files to extragear-multimedia.
> desktop files just have to go and complicate things, though...
> I *could* hardcode an exception for amarok to write to desktop_extragear-
> multimedia_amarok.pot...
> but, a copy of amarok is still in svn.
> this means scripty might still be extracting .desktop files for the amarok
> that's in svn. even if it's reverting those attempts, that could mess up
> the file before the real amarok stuff is committed.
> another thing I could do is treat amarok and phonon similarly (where one
> goes to extragear-multimedia and one goes to qt). then it'd write to
> desktop_amarok.pot
> this would avoid any potential conflicts with the svn amarok, and be
> cleaner code. then we'd just have to figure out what to do about the old
> .pot - deleting/moving the svn amarok would be a good solution.

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