[Kde-pim] opensync plugin for KDEPIM4

Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper vr at movingparts.net
Mon Nov 17 18:41:38 GMT 2008

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 8:17 AM, Stefan Kebekus <stefan.kebekus at web.de>wrote:

> Dear kde pim developers,

Hi Stefan! =:)

I desparately need to synchronize my KDE4 PIM data with my Palm handheld.
> Since no solution seems to exist, I am planning to write a KDE4 plugin for
> the
> opensync synchronization framework (which so far has worked best for me).
> Before starting, I would like to ask a few questions though:
> a) Does this plan make any sense at all, or does the KDE community have
> other
> plans, e.g. to support another synchronization framework or to include Palm
> synchronization into akonadi?

KPilot has been ported to KDE4 and will be released with KDE 4.2 in January,
barring any unforeseen total breakdown. We've ported the ToDo, Calendar, and
Contacts KPilot conduits to use Akonadi backends only and made a bunch of
changes and improvements to our KPilot syncing algorithms and code quality.
We even have a Keyring conduit that may still see the light of day! The
memofile conduit remains largely unchanged, although I'm still in the middle
of porting it over to our new base conduit infrastructure, but it still
syncs your Memos with a directory and files on your hard drive perfectly.

Anyway, we haven't had much (read: any) in the way of user testing, but from
our unit tests and cursory testing, things are looking good. I'd love your
help in testing (and, should you be able to, fixing!!) the Palm<-->KDE 4.2
PIM syncing solution we have in KPilot right now. =:) One word of warning
that should apply to anything new you do with your data, though: make good
backups of your Palm databases and your PC data sources. We've tried to
bullet-proof KPilot in 4.2 as much as possible to not allow it to eat your
data for lunch, but you can never be careful enough.

> b) How do I access the KDE PIM data? Should I be using the kdepim libraries
> or
> should I rather use akonadi directly?

You can see how we did this in KPilot in kdepim/kpilot/conduits/akonadibase
and the contacts, calendar, and todo conduits. But again, I'd really love to
have your help in polishing up and ironing out anything you see that doesn't
look/act right!

c) Will the API and will the data access methods change between KDE 4.1.x
> and
> KDE 4.2 or will I be able to write one piece of code that works throughout
> the
> KDE4 series?

Others can speak to this better than I, but afaik, KDE 4.2 PIM will not be
using pure Akonadi interfaces, but there will be a translation layer
underneath what it does use and Akonadi. I am not sure when this will
change, but iiuc, the KPilot code that we have for syncing your Palm with
Akonadi shouldn't need to change much across the KDE4 series.

Again, I'd love to get your help. We do have a KDE4 PIM<--->Palm syncing
story to tell for KDE 4.2, finally, and we could really use your help. You
can find me in #kpilot on irc.freenode.net as vanRijn, and please feel free
to e-mail me either on or off list.

Thanks for your questions!!

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