[Kde-pim] opensync plugin for KDEPIM4

Stefan Kebekus stefan.kebekus at web.de
Mon Nov 17 13:17:00 GMT 2008

Dear kde pim developers,

I desparately need to synchronize my KDE4 PIM data with my Palm handheld. 
Since no solution seems to exist, I am planning to write a KDE4 plugin for the 
opensync synchronization framework (which so far has worked best for me). 
Before starting, I would like to ask a few questions though:

a) Does this plan make any sense at all, or does the KDE community have other 
plans, e.g. to support another synchronization framework or to include Palm 
synchronization into akonadi?

b) How do I access the KDE PIM data? Should I be using the kdepim libraries or 
should I rather use akonadi directly? 

c) Will the API and will the data access methods change between KDE 4.1.x and 
KDE 4.2 or will I be able to write one piece of code that works throughout the 
KDE4 series? 

Thank you for your help!


Stefan Kebekus.
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