[Kde-pim] Feature Request: Liferea Style Search Folders in Akregator

Frank Osterfeld frank at kdab.net
Thu Nov 13 18:13:36 GMT 2008

On Thursday 13 November 2008 07:44:16 Bill Hood wrote:
> I don't know if this subject's ever been brought up before, but a quick
> search of the mailing list archives didn't seem to show anything.
> Would anyone have any major objection to Akregator supporting "Search
> Folders", such as Liferea has?

We have this request all the time, and in fact it's on top of my personal 
wishlist, too.
Unfortunately there wasn't enough manpower in the past for major feature 
development in Akregator. 
We plan to port Akregator to Akonadi, which will beside other things provide a 
solution for search folders, which is also a major reason nobody tackled it 
until now (as the implementation would be doomed to be replaced when Akonadi 
is there, anyway). That will hopefully happen for KDE 4.3.

> To be quite honest, that one feature has me continuing to use Liferea, even
> though I've switched to KDE4.  Yes, I can continue to use Liferea, but
> there's a few problems:
> 1. Liferea can't plug into Kontact like Akregator can.
> 2. It is always visually more consistent to use a QT-based app, and Liferea
> is GTK.
> 3. Liferea has a stupid sounding name (OK, that's a matter of opinion).

We're trying hard to copete with Liferea on 3.

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