[Kde-pim] Feature Request: Liferea Style Search Folders in Akregator

Bill Hood william_a_hood at comcast.net
Thu Nov 13 06:44:16 GMT 2008

I don't know if this subject's ever been brought up before, but a quick search 
of the mailing list archives didn't seem to show anything.

Would anyone have any major objection to Akregator supporting "Search 
Folders", such as Liferea has?

To be quite honest, that one feature has me continuing to use Liferea, even 
though I've switched to KDE4.  Yes, I can continue to use Liferea, but there's 
a few problems:

1. Liferea can't plug into Kontact like Akregator can.
2. It is always visually more consistent to use a QT-based app, and Liferea is 
3. Liferea has a stupid sounding name (OK, that's a matter of opinion).

Akregator was the very first experience with an RSS feed reader I ever had, and 
I'd switch back in a half-second if search folders were a supported feature.

--William Hood
  Everett, WA  USA
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