[Kde-pim] A new class of "Personal Information Manager"

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 06:23:14 GMT 2008

> "Personal Information" could be a wide net, and could include almost
anything. My browser bookmarks are personal information, no? In the
> context of the acronym PIM, "Personal Information" usually means
> contacts, calendar, and todo list.

Do you have s suggestion for a better list to discuss this?

> Right. It does [mostly] what you want from a UI perspective, but it is
> not KDE related. This is why I suggested that you ask on the Zim list.
> You did not state that you are only looking for KDE solutions. In
> fact, most of the example software that you listed was not KDE
> software.

The apps I listed were mentioned to give you an idea what I'm looking for.
What desktop/OS those example-apps run on is irrelevant. And of course I'm
looking for a KDE-solution, since I posted this on a KDE-mailinglist ;).
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