[Kde-pim] Subject: Korganizer: The Next Generation

Hein van Rensburg hvralpha at intekom.co.za
Sat Nov 29 04:45:56 GMT 2008


I agree with Cornelius that the existing functionality in Calender and ToDo is 
great. I agree with you that the resource should be changed because it creates 
some confusion and could show activities in calender twice. 

I have used many pim's and calenders over a long time and the existing set up 
gives me exactly what I want which is a long term view in calender and 
separate ToDo list where I can see all my tasks. I can do my work fast and 
efficiently in Kontact. The combination in Kontact is the best available and has 
all the functionality which is needed for business users and can be made to 
look clean and simple with a little standard configuration.

Pls do not change a great UI and functionality. Make small changed which makes 
it easy to configure and turn some of the displays off for some users.


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