[Kde-pim] KMail Usability Issues

Matthias Fuchs mat69 at gmx.net
Thu Nov 13 21:36:41 GMT 2008

Ok, I guess I found another bug.

There is this new view, where your messages are automatically 
grouped by the period you received them --> yesterday, ..., last week, 
october etc.

Normally I have the most recent mails at the bottom.
So I set the options in "Change Sort Order" -- that is the button next to 
the search bar.
I set these options: "by Date/Time", "Least Recent on Top", "by 
Date/Time" and "Descending".

Whenever I switch the folder these settings are changed 
automatically. It is not possible to have "yesterday" allways at the 
bottom. So it appears that these _settings_ are _not saved_.
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