[Kde-pim] KMail Usability Issues

Matthias Fuchs mat69 at gmx.net
Mon Nov 10 22:39:34 GMT 2008


after a short period of using KMail (stopped using it many months ago
after IMAP issues) I found some -- imho -- usability issues:

* is there an easy way to use the filters on all folders/or on certain
folders? With that I mean I set up my account, downloaded a lot mails
and set the filters _afterwards_, but did not find an easy way to filter
the already downloaded mails --> in the end I marked all mails

* what is the difference between a normal-filter and a pop-filter? I
think I know it though I think this extra menu-entry does no good

* wth are "Sieve"-scripts? there is no information provided there what
that could mean, no help-button or whatever

* the text-area of the "mail-preview"-window is relatively small because
of the large size of the header and the topic, an option to collapse it
(Thunderbird, *hint*, *hint* ;) ) would be great

* changing the icon of my favorite folder: there are only a few chars
under the pictures like "in..." or "a..."

* I think another very useful function of thunderbird should be
introduced: an option to show messages grouped in the (hmm what is it
called)-bar --> where you can sort the messages after title, date etc.

I tested that on the latest factory packages of opensuse, as I'm
currently only running base and libs from trunk (in fact with another user).

If you think the points I raised here are no issues or that I should
have searched more, well then simply see this message as my user experience.

Btw. there are some features I *really* like, like when you search for a
mail that you also see the parent mails of the discussion, that is
really great and a lot better than the confusion thunderbird provides
one with in that case! Also the favorites are a good idea, especially if
you have many mailboxes + folders.

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