[Kde-pim] KMail Usability Issues

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Thu Nov 13 22:37:18 GMT 2008

On Thursday 13 November 2008, Matthias Fuchs wrote:
> Ok, another issue:
> When I mark a thread as important all messages turn green -- if you
> have read them.
> But if I receive additional messages for this thread these are not
> marked.
> Only the messages that were in the thread the moment you marked it
> as important are marked green.

"Mark thread as important" marks all messages that are currently in the 
thread as important. It does not mark the thread itself as important. I 
agree that one might expect this. But what about "Mark thread as read"? 
Would you expect the same, i.e. would you expect all new messages put 
into this thread to be marked as read? If yes, then that's exactly 
what "Ignore thread" does. And "Watch thread" is very close to "Mark 
thread as important".

Maybe "Mark thread as important" and "Mark thread as action item" should 
be removed since they are not that useful.

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