[Kde-pim] [PATCH] Zeroconf support for KNotes

Guillermo Antonio Amaral Bastidas gamaral at kde.org
Sat Nov 8 18:45:08 GMT 2008

Jakub Stachowski <qbast at go2.pl> writes:

> After forgetting about it for 3 years (must be a record) I finally took my 
> time and implemented wish #110242 - Zeroconf support for KNotes.
> The goal is to make sending and receiving notes over network easier to use -  
> instead of manually entering hostname (however it is still possible), sender 
> can choose recipient from a list. 
> Remarks:
> - suggestions for better GUI for sending dialog are welcome
> - sender ID is used as announced name for recipient (or host name if left 
> blank)
> - if 'Accept incoming notes' is checked, you can see yourself in recipient 
> list 
> - as a side effect, when manually entering hostname, you can also specify port
> Testing on localhost:
> 1) Make sure that kdelibs has Avahi support, avahi daemon is running and UDP 
> port 5353 is not firewalled 
> 2) In knotes configuration select 'Accept incoming notes'
> 3) Write a note and in context menu select 'Send...'
> 4) In the dialog you can either select destination from list or enter a 
> hostname

 Wow that's great, I patched my work trunk. I will try to get it to work
 on this machine and I will get back to you :-)

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