Developer Poll: Evolving KDE Music Player

Filippo Cucchetto filippocucchetto at
Sun Sep 27 11:53:27 BST 2015

A normal user can't create a new project on phabricator.
I tried but i don't have the permissions (even if i've a KDE identity)

2015-09-23 17:21 GMT+02:00 Andrew Lake <jamboarder at>:

> Ok, so the results are in.
> 6 of the 9 devs (67%) who responded were most motivated to just start from
> scratch. So I think we have our answer.
> I recommend we go forward with setting up a project repo and start hacking
> on measurable goals. Also, I propose the tentative name for the project
> to be "Chimes" (feel free to suggest something else).
> Anyone want to volunteer to get things set up for the project on
> phabricator?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 3:37 PM Andrew Lake <jamboarder at> wrote:
>> After some good discussions and offers to help, I want to make sure that
>> those wonderful offers don't go to waste. So I've created a poll to help us
>> move forward.
>> I think what matters is what the interested developers are most motivated
>> to do. Those who do the work gets to decide. So, if you are a developer and
>> have offered to help or are directly interested in helping with this
>> effort, I encourage you to go to this poll and express your honest
>> preference based on what motivates you the most.
>> If you have no intention, or ability to contribute development time to
>> this effort, this a polite request to skip voting, since the results should
>> really reflect the motivation of the folks genuinely prepared to do the
>> work. My contribution to this effort is primarily as a designer, so I'll
>> refrain from voting. :-)
>> Hope this helps,
>> Andrew
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