Review Request 125350: add new audiooutputinterface signal for 4.9 to propagate muteness changes

Harald Sitter sitter at
Tue Sep 22 14:17:11 BST 2015

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Review request for Phonon and Daniel Vrátil.

Repository: phonon


as all other interfaces this is an opt-in interface revision. backends
need to mute into this by building with -DPHONON_BACKEND_VERSION_4_9

muteness always had frontend API but was lacking backend API to allow the
backend to drive muteness changes in a reactive manner. this in particular
will allow us to stop using pulsesupport in pvlc and pgst as they can now
drive muteness which previously was only provided by the pulsesupport
overlay class.


  phonon/audiooutput.cpp f118824f99b5c9dda0bff63c5de578bbae40bf28 
  phonon/audiooutputinterface.h ca9c30a72253ac994c03ec35a178f23765f825df 



builds and seems to work fine in dragon with a PoC implementation for phonon vlc


Harald Sitter

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