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On 2015-08-05 12:06, Olivier Churlaud wrote:
> *Local library - Amarok ?*
> As Myriam  said, Amarok is not dead and is slowly beeing ported to KF5.
> Amarok was one of the huge assets of KDE and is quite good. IMOH it
> lacks the possibility to create playlists (but this might be corrected
> by contributing to the project) and the support of network library. I
> think that if we want to create a music player that plays the local
> library, we'll be in conflict with an awesome software, which might need
> a refresh but this can be done by people interested in Amarok. (And then
> of course all the Clementine, Rhythmbox.... are already present and
> quite good).

70 % of features in Amarok are unmaintained, but yeah Amarok itself is
not unmaintained. I don't think Amarok can get the nice interface Andrew
designed as fast as we could do it e.g. with VLC. Also at Akademy an
ExDeveloper told me that from his point of view, decoupling UI & Backend
code would need (too) much work.
> *Playing streams (local and internet)
> *I tried Tomahawk and I felt like being online, it wasn't responding so
> well (or fast enough). It's cute but I didn't enjoy so well the
> experience: the interface and functions seems too complex for a fast
> start. Maybe the interesting point would be there: being able to play
> local music and streams? However, as highlighted by several of you, it's
> rather complex and deezer/spotify/apple music/... would be hard to connect.

Well remember Tomahawk is just at 0.8 ...
It's maybe a bit more complex than VLC, but Deezer & Spotify are not
hard to connect, they are the easiest as in any music player because
Tomahawk searches for songs in every of your connected online accounts.

The questions we have to ask us: Do we want to make this music player a
local-only experience? (except for e.g. radio streams) Do we want to
support Spotify, Deezer,, ... and whatever else exists? Will local
music still be relevant in 2 years?


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