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Andrew Lake jamboarder at
Tue Aug 4 16:47:57 BST 2015

So far Stefan identified the following as needed:
-) More People to discuss & flesh out the vision [1]
-) A motivated team of designers, software architects, coders & testers,
dedicated to creating a modern music player for our users

I think it shouldn't be difficult to get input on fleshing out the vision.
We could use the KDE Forums or a blog post for that. I also think we won't
have much trouble getting testers. You can count on help from the VDG for
design and from myself to directly support this effort. So really what
remains from the list is software architect(s) and coder(s).

I count the following people who appear to have made explicit offers to
- Stefan Dertkis (original poster, coder?)
- Eshtan Robateau (architect? + coder?)
- Andrew Lake (UI design + architecture support if needed) + VDG

If anyone else is interested, please, please speak up. I genuinely think
there  is clear value in what Stefan proposes. The current VDG Music Player
design, including the vision, personas and scenarios, are far from set in
stone so we can certainly revisit it as necessary. Also I think we can
eventually work out the practical details of what code base or pre-existing
solutions we could take advantage of in order to fulfill the vision and
avoid the perils of creating yet-another-music-player. Whether that
solution is from-scratch or as simple as a skin doesn't concern me terribly
at this point.

Stefan, I suggest we take a chance and start with a small core team of
folks who are willing to volunteer at this early stage. If that team can
produce something concrete in the near term, we can work on growing the
contributor base when people have something more concrete to look at.

Hope this helps,

On Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 3:21 AM Eshton Robateau  wrote:

> Hi all,
> >To solve this I think three very central question need to be answered
> >very precisely before doing anything else.
> >
> >1. How many people will actively commit to working on this as their
> >*main* project?
> >2. What does the primary target audience of Plasma even need?
> >3. What do the contributors want to actually have in the end
> >understanding their own time constraints?
> I'm committed to work on this as main. I've been swimming in the bangarang codebase and so far we're almost rewriting the entire thing. From my perspective, porting is near rewrite, so it's better to have a good design and vision from the start. Might I suggest that we simply have a survey of what our users (plasma or general) want from a music player instead of relying on personas. It seems a bit naive to assume we only have casual users and power users. Feedback from actual users is more concrete than anything persona we can invent. FWIW I want a music player that plays music and supports playlists and media info, I'm not likely to use other features much.
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