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Tue Aug 4 20:41:42 BST 2015

Amarok is NOT unmaintained => really great news! I cannot await the KF5 port ;-)

Am 04.08.2015 1:46 nachm. schrieb Myriam Schweingruber <myriam at>:
> Wow, go for a short one-week holiday and the world explodes....
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 1:30 PM, Teo Mrnjavac <teo at> wrote:
> > On Thursday, July 30, 2015 12:42:14 Stefan Derkits wrote:
> >> Dear all,
> >>
> >> in discussions during Akademy 2015 we found out that while we have with
> >> Plasma 5 a Desktop that has a modern & consistent look, the state of
> >> some applications isn't that good. And we want to change that.
> >>
> >> At the moment KDE has no up-to-date music player. JuK is very simple to
> >> use, but lacking a modern design. Amarok is and will stay the
> >> swiss-knife of KDE music players, but also lacking a modern design and
> >> may be too complicated for new users.
> >>
> >> So let's make a new music player, a successor especially to JuK & Bangarang.
> >> A music player not for power users or music enthusiasts that want/need 100s
> >> of features in a player but a simple player designed & made for users of
> >> the Plasma 5 Desktop.
> >>
> >> What do we already have:
> >> -) A design vision by the VDG including UI mockups & user stories [0]
> >>
> >> What do we need:
> >> -) More People to discuss & flesh out the vision [1]
> >> -) A motivated team of designers, software architects, coders & testers,
> >> dedicated to creating a modern music player for our users
> >>
> >> This music player should not replace Amarok or other great Qt-based
> >> music players like Tomahawk or Clementine, as their feature set is much
> >> bigger than this new music player should ever have.
> >>
> >> So if you are interested, contact me either in person on Akademy, on IRC
> >> (HorusHorrendus @ freenode) or via mail (stefan [at]
> >>
> >
> > Excellent idea, a no-nonsense "thing that opens audio files" is much needed.
> >
> > Have you thought about picking up and taking over Amarok? A quick look at the
> > commit log for the past few months suggests that it's essentially
> > unmaintained, so if it keeps this pace it's unlikely to stay the swiss-knife
> > of music players as you suggest.
> I answer here as it would be a tad tedious to respond to all individually:
> Amarok is NOT unmaintained, we just had some difficulties with a very
> resistant release-blocker, and sadly the key devs who were supposed to
> do the release just disappeared into oblivion. So much for "I have
> time at my new job to work on Amarok, I will do the release soon, I do
> merge the GSoC work,etc". Sorry if I sound a tad pissed, because I
> have heard a lot of these and since that person had time to attend
> Akademy, he could also have finished the work he promised...
> Currently a 2.9 beta tarball is ready, I just need some help to do the
> release text and other stuff, as I too have a job that takes on my
> time.
> Also, we have started the Qt5 port of Amarok (current WIP as a GSoC
> task), and Mark also has some ideas on how to make Amarok a tad
> leaner. If you did follow planetkde you would all know about, btw...
> So please do not jump to conclusions just because we didn't have many
> commits lately.
> FWIW: the current git status is +595 from the last release, and AFAICS
> there is quite some unfinished work from the previous GSoC students
> that is just waiting to be merged (CD stack, for instance, which the
> GSoC mentor told me he would merge). There is only so much I can do,
> and I am NOT a developer, and Mark has a full-time job that doesn't
> leave much time
> And YES, we could need some help for the Qt5 port, as it is a lot of
> work for just 2 devs.
> Regards, Myriam
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