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On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 3:49 PM, Stefan Derkits <stefan at> wrote:
> Hello,
> On 2015-08-01 08:47, Ing. Konrad Renner wrote:
>> the player (no matter if it is Amarok, JuK or a new one) must be integrated well in Plasma (eg usage of baloo for ratings, tags). If I use Plasma, it does not matter for me if it runs standalone on eg Windows.
> I see a use case for Baloo for finding music files, but probably not for
> ratings & tags. While Tags (if done correctly, for music files this also
> includes Ratings [0]) could be read by Baloo via the TaglibExtractor of
> KFileMetadata, I heard that those attributes can't be written back to
> Tags by Baloo.

Correct. And they never will be. Perhaps via KFileMetaData, but at
that point you're just using a light wrapper on top of TagLib, and you
may as well use TagLib.

> So what would be the Use Case for write Tags to extended File attributes
> via Baloo instead of correctly writing them via taglib?

Since Baloo has been mentioned, I thought I should chime in;
Currently, Baloo is just a file indexing and searching solution.
That's it.

I've done a video player (Jungle) and an Image application (Koko), in
both cases I tried to use Baloo in order to search for all videos and
images. It was trivial and required 4-10 lines of code. However, I
also had to deal with the following cases -

* Baloo is disabled
* Your image folder is in the exclude folders list
* Your Image folder has not yet been indexed, cause of reason x
* Your image folder is currently being indexed, and you need to wait.
* The correct file indexing plugins are not installed and therefore
Baloo does not get any Image (or Video) file metadata

These are just some of the cases. Often the solution is just to roll
your own thing.

Also, I liked having my own database in Jungle and Koko, as they could
then store the data explicitly how they want, and create relevant
indexes. In Koko, I eventually made Baloo optional. Specially since
Baloo has not been (yet?) ported for the Plasma Phone.

Vishesh Handa

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