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Am 2015-08-01 17:14, schrieb Vishesh Handa: 

> These are just some of the cases. Often the solution is just to roll
> your own thing.
> Also, I liked having my own database in Jungle and Koko, as they could
> then store the data explicitly how they want, and create relevant
> indexes. In Koko, I eventually made Baloo optional. Specially since
> Baloo has not been (yet?) ported for the Plasma Phone.

 IMHO when a new software is "created/designed for Plasma" it should
integrate tight with other parts of the environment. Because it is
designed for this special desktop environment, the goal is not that it
is used with this other fancy desktop environment (do the GNOME devs
care if GNOME music integrate well on the Plasma desktop?). It should
feel like "all was made of one piece". If the software is not
"created/designed for Plasma" one can be aware that this software maybe
does not integrate well. 

E.g.: I import some pictures with a "Plasma picture editor app" from my
camera, rate the files and attach the tag "holiday". Some days later I
want to present my "holiday" pictures friends, but the pictures should
have minimum rating of 3 stars (because I don't want to show my friends
pictures which are "not so good"), with the "Plasma picture viewer".
Maybe a year later I want to find all "holiday" pictures from 2014 and
2015 with the "Plasma file browser", so that I can burn them on a disk
for backup. 

The same is true for a Plasma music application: if it uses its own
system for ratings, a possible new "Plasma multimedia application"
cannot use this informations and so a user has to define them for each
application. And I think the user will not be satisified, if he has to
create the same ratings for the same files, in each application he uses.

I think to reinvent the wheel for each application cannot be the goal. 

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