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I'm a BIG fan of digicam because you can store your rating, tags,
descriptions, .... into your images also amarok store your additional
informations in the music file. I know baloo is "cool" BUT what is when I
install a new system, I switch to another Desktop Environmental, .... I
want to have my additional work in my files. When something was changed on
my system I don't loose something.

my father in low told me that lightroom don't store the ratings, .... into
the files and when he make a backup and want to use the backup everything
was lost because the backup don't copy the ratings, ... so he don't know
what to do when he buy a new computer.

baloo is for find my audio, video, ... and some other software should store
my additional work in the files (images, audio, video, ...).


2015-08-01 23:03 GMT+02:00 Ing. Konrad Renner <konrad.renner at>:

> Am 2015-08-01 22:08, schrieb Stefan Derkits:
> well but if I only store it in Baloo then music players, assuming they
> follow the freedesktop specification, that don't use baloo would not be
> able to read the ratings.
> if it is stored in the extended file attributes (which baloo uses, or
> used) then every application can read that informations and it makes no
> sense which technology is used.
> If you use eg Dolphin for file browsing, you have the option to rate files
> and see the ratings, so if you rate a file in the music application and
> when you browse your files, this rating is not shown, a user can be
> confused.
> Also the "semantic" information is relevant for activities I think. Eg It
> makes a difference to which music I am listing if I am coding, or if I am
> just relaxing. So integrating the music player with the activities system
> also makes sense.
> The other point is a markenting point I think: you can show a friend your
> Plasma desktop and tell him "look all informations are shared system
> across, can your Windows system do the same?"
> BTW: I love this discussion :-), many views on a product are important to
> get really great software ;-)
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