GSoC proposal : Sharing Metadata Between Multimedia Applications Using Baloo

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Wed Mar 19 16:39:30 GMT 2014

On Monday, March 17, 2014 05:32:44 PM Denis Steckelmacher wrote:
> Hi,

Hey Denis

> As suggested by Lydia Pintscher on kde-soc, I have already filed a GSoC
> proposal on Google Melange. You can see it here :
> s/5885170347409408 (it should be visible by everyone).
> The main idea is to follow what Aaron Seigo suggested several days ago :
> using Baloo wherever possible and desirable in multimedia applications
> so that the least features are duplicated between the applications, and
> in order to allow sharing of metadata between multimedia applications.
> The ideas given in the proposal can be categorized in two main areas :

I'm very chary about your proposal. It mostly boils down to the following -

1. More Extractors - The extractors we currently have are decent. We could 
possibly target some more exif properties, but I'm not sure what else we 
should be targeting.

2. File writeback support - While this is a great thing to have I do not think 
it accounts for more than a week's work. Also I do not rate this very high on 
my priority list.

3. WebExtractor Support - I would absolutely love to have this in KDE, but I'm 
not too sure about Baloo. We're no longer a central storage mechanism. We're 
mostly about searching.

This would make a lot of sense with the respective applications - Juk and PMC, 
probably. Amarok - I'm not sure. Anyway, This will need to be discussed with 
those projects. I cannot mentor a project where I do not actively contribute.

> * Extending Baloo so that it supports every multimedia-related features
> needed by multimedia applications. This extension would touch many parts
> of Baloo (widgets, file extractors, nepomuk-webindexers, but not too
> much in Baloo Core)

Yup. You could re-use a lot of the web-extractor code. You could even make a 
library, but that *will* need to be discussed with the relevant applications 

> I still have two days to modify the proposal. I welcome any suggestion
> and any remark.

I've only seen one proposal by you. Are you no longer interested in KDevelop?

Vishesh Handa

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