GSoC proposal : Sharing Metadata Between Multimedia Applications Using Baloo

Denis Steckelmacher steckdenis at
Mon Mar 17 16:32:44 GMT 2014


As suggested by Lydia Pintscher on kde-soc, I have already filed a GSoC 
proposal on Google Melange. You can see it here : 
(it should be visible by everyone).

The main idea is to follow what Aaron Seigo suggested several days ago : 
using Baloo wherever possible and desirable in multimedia applications 
so that the least features are duplicated between the applications, and 
in order to allow sharing of metadata between multimedia applications.

The ideas given in the proposal can be categorized in two main areas :

* Extending Baloo so that it supports every multimedia-related features 
needed by multimedia applications. This extension would touch many parts 
of Baloo (widgets, file extractors, nepomuk-webindexers, but not too 
much in Baloo Core)
* Modifying multimedia applications to make them use Baloo when possible.

The proposal suggests that the application used to test the whole 
project could be Juk. If you think that another application should be 
used as a proof of concept, I'm open to any suggestion.

I still have two days to modify the proposal. I welcome any suggestion 
and any remark.

Denis Steckelmacher

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