GSoC proposal : Sharing Metadata Between Multimedia Applications Using Baloo

Denis Steckelmacher steckdenis at
Wed Mar 19 18:25:18 GMT 2014

On 03/19/2014 05:39 PM, Vishesh Handa wrote:
> I'm very chary about your proposal. It mostly boils down to the following -
> 1. More Extractors - The extractors we currently have are decent. We could
> possibly target some more exif properties, but I'm not sure what else we
> should be targeting.
> 2. File writeback support - While this is a great thing to have I do not think
> it accounts for more than a week's work. Also I do not rate this very high on
> my priority list.
> 3. WebExtractor Support - I would absolutely love to have this in KDE, but I'm
> not too sure about Baloo. We're no longer a central storage mechanism. We're
> mostly about searching.
> This would make a lot of sense with the respective applications - Juk and PMC,
> probably. Amarok - I'm not sure. Anyway, This will need to be discussed with
> those projects. I cannot mentor a project where I do not actively contribute.
>> * Extending Baloo so that it supports every multimedia-related features
>> needed by multimedia applications. This extension would touch many parts
>> of Baloo (widgets, file extractors, nepomuk-webindexers, but not too
>> much in Baloo Core)
> Yup. You could re-use a lot of the web-extractor code. You could even make a
> library, but that *will* need to be discussed with the relevant applications
> first.

I agree that most of the tasks are very simple. The biggest part of the 
project is making the multimedia applications use Baloo, now that Baloo 
is fast enough (and with the small missing features implemented).

I don't consider this proposal to be primarily about Baloo development, 
it is more about using Baloo where it wasn't used before. I think that 
your advice would be very important for this project, though, even if 
you are not my mentor.

> I've only seen one proposal by you. Are you no longer interested in KDevelop?

I'm still interested, and in fact I discovered that I still have two 
days to make a proposal (I thought the application period ended today), 
but there are many people interested in KDevelop who are way more 
competent than me in its domain. For instance, a regular kdev-clang 
developer applied, and someone with great knowledge of QML and the 
kdev-qml plugin is also interested.

As I have still two days ahead of me, I will try to come up with a 
KDevelop proposal, so that the mentors can choose where I could be the 
most useful :-) .

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