To reduce JuK dependencies on KDE frameworks?

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Hi Petko,

On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 5:53 PM, Petko Ditchev <pditchev at> wrote:

> Hi , I'm not really a KDE user , but I found out that JuK is pretty much
> the best player out there for the linux desktop  (at least for my needs -
> it's awesome that the playlists are kept intact and not imported in some
> imaginary app-specific .xml) .
>  So , on-topic : when I installed JuK with all deps it was ~200MB . Also I
> believe the KDE runtime services are required . So the question is - are
> there that many bindings to the KDE frameworks (that can't be easily
> replaced by pure Qt) ? I'm willing to start a Qt port , if the anwser is no
> , and there's a general consensus that it would be beneficial for the
> project (I'm pretty sure it will be) .

AFAIK there is an ongoing effort lead by Martin Sandsmark to port JuK
completely away from KDE3 support libraries to allow it to be ported to the
Qt5-based KDE libraries. It seems to have trailed off last year though,
and I've been told that it's quite a difficult task. I CCed Martin this. He
might be able to shed some more light on this matter.

> A side question (just out of curiosity ,I'm not really able to implement
> such stuff yet) - has someone thought about plugin support?
> Petko
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