Juk & kdemm power management inhibition

James Daniel Smith smithjd15 at gmail.com
Mon May 20 16:13:28 BST 2013

This patch enables Juk to bypass normal sleep protocols while playback is in 
progress. Juk being fairly simple it's not much bigger than it has to be to 
accomplish its job.

I wonder if MPRIS2 or KMix is a better place to automatically register power 
supression events for media players? MPRIS2 having the advantage that every 
media players that support MPRIS2 would automatically register an event.

Phonon would be an obvious choice for toggling Solid inhibit events on play 
and stop.

I recall that KMix code has a lot of player-specific code currently, so 
probably not all that reliable.

Thanks very much and looking forward to another great release!
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