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Matěj Laitl matej at
Tue May 21 21:04:46 BST 2013

On 21. 5. 2013 Christian Esken wrote:
> I haven't seen the code, but asynchronous is not the solution to 
> everything. Still, one should always work asynchronously or 
> multi-threaded when you do IPC in GUI-Programs. Otherwise your program 
> will lock during communication or in the worst-case you might deadlock 
> or create starvation.

Right. In this point I must defend D-Bus. The protocol is entirely 
asynchronous, just the convenience libraries (QtDBus) add a pseudo-synchronous 
interface for convenience (they do an inner loop and some fancy queueing), 
with a great cost. See

> Currently I am considering to put all DBUS communication in own Thread(s)
> for KMix.

I discourage you from doing so, event-based processing along with 
QDBusPendingCallWatcher should do the job with less pain.

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