Juk & kdemm power management inhibition

Matěj Laitl matej at laitl.cz
Thu May 23 14:03:27 BST 2013

On 20. 5. 2013 James Daniel Smith wrote:
> This patch enables Juk to bypass normal sleep protocols while playback is in
> progress. Juk being fairly simple it's not much bigger than it has to be to
> accomplish its job.
> I wonder if MPRIS2 or KMix is a better place to automatically register power
> supression events for media players? MPRIS2 having the advantage that every
> media players that support MPRIS2 would automatically register an event.

IMO not. The players should support it themselves, as we already do in Amarok. 
That way you would end up with double suppression and nasty corner-cases, plus 
MPRIS was never meant to do this job, I'd consider it an abuse.

> Phonon would be an obvious choice for toggling Solid inhibit events on play
> and stop.

Neither this, not every sound playing is the reason to block power management, 
think of notification sounds, naughty flash applet having an audio stream open 

Generally I think we should consider power management inhibition a very 
privileged operation and use it only in justified situations with no right of 
false positives.

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