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Christian Esken christian at
Tue May 21 08:16:03 BST 2013

Am 17.05.2013 22:46, schrieb Shubham Chaudhary:
> Martin Sandsmark thanks to your suggestion it can now auto-discover
> any MPRIS compatible media player and with the help of this QMpris
> library the code is much more generic now.
> I've been working on this library for more than few weeks now and I
> still realise that a lot of work needs to be done on the it, but any
> suggestion or improvement regarding the library or the structure of
> the application before I start expanding the library will be really
> helpful.
> Can somebody please take a look at the MPRIS library in this
> application ( ) and offer some
> suggestions / improvements.
> On 4/23/13, Shubham Chaudhary <shubhamchaudhary92 at> wrote:
>> On 4/22/13, Martin Sandsmark <martin.sandsmark at> wrote:
>>> Nice!
>> Thanks a ton for your time.
>>> Only comment I have is that you should probably make the code more
>>> generic
>>> (use a single function that takes the name of the player or something),
>>> would make it easier to support more players without having to hardcode
>>> all the
>>> dbus paths.
>> I couldn't agree more. My next priority task.
>>> Also auto-discovery would be nice, without having to know about
>>> all the players (just look for "mpris" in the available dbus
>>> interfaces?).
>> I'll definitely look into it.

Hello Shubham,

there is one important thing you must account for in your design: Your 
whole DBUS communication must be asynchronous. I see you are using 
synchronous methods, which simply will not work 
reliable. You will end up having long-time-hangs/locking/deadlocking 
with the applications you are controlling. I learned that the hard way 
by being swamped with a massive amount of KMix bug reports.


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