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Shubham Chaudhary shubhamchaudhary92 at
Fri May 17 21:46:24 BST 2013

Martin Sandsmark thanks to your suggestion it can now auto-discover
any MPRIS compatible media player and with the help of this QMpris
library the code is much more generic now.

I've been working on this library for more than few weeks now and I
still realise that a lot of work needs to be done on the it, but any
suggestion or improvement regarding the library or the structure of
the application before I start expanding the library will be really

Can somebody please take a look at the MPRIS library in this
application ( ) and offer some
suggestions / improvements.

On 4/23/13, Shubham Chaudhary <shubhamchaudhary92 at> wrote:
> On 4/22/13, Martin Sandsmark <martin.sandsmark at> wrote:
>> Nice!
> Thanks a ton for your time.
>> Only comment I have is that you should probably make the code more
>> generic
>> (use a single function that takes the name of the player or something),
>> would make it easier to support more players without having to hardcode
>> all the
>> dbus paths.
> I couldn't agree more. My next priority task.
>>Also auto-discovery would be nice, without having to know about
>> all the players (just look for "mpris" in the available dbus
>> interfaces?).
> I'll definitely look into it.
> --
> Regards,
> Shubham Chaudhary

Shubham Chaudhary

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