Review Request: Always use cmake's internal automoc support.

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Review request for Phonon.


Right you are, CMake will include the moc output in the target is no manual #include in the cpp file.

Updated patch removes the manual #includes where possible. Unfortunately there where two cases of Q_OBJECT in a cpp file, and six cases of a moc_*.cpp file referenceing a Phonon::*Private class, so these #includes had to stay.


Always use cmake's internal automoc support.

Beginning with version to 2.8.6 CMake have built in automoc support, thus making automoc4 unnecessary. The FindPhononInternal.cmake already uses the built in automoc support if available, but falls back to automoc4 when it isn't. This check will, however, get mighty confused when pressented with Qt5 rather than Qt4, and I figgured it was easier to just bump the required cmake version than to try debug why it didn't work. :P

Diffs (updated)

  CMakeLists.txt ea709f2 
  cmake/CMakeLists.txt 4a3886c 
  cmake/FindAutomoc4.cmake e08ae80 
  cmake/FindPhononInternal.cmake 66b4a21 
  demos/metadatareader/CMakeLists.txt 0410a1c 
  demos/phota/CMakeLists.txt b37b4ad 
  demos/simplecapture/CMakeLists.txt c13715d 
  demos/simpleplayer/CMakeLists.txt e97bfd3 
  phonon/abstractaudiooutput.cpp bce7c11 
  phonon/abstractmediastream.cpp 32b7fa9 
  phonon/audiodataoutput.cpp 6e23901 
  phonon/audiooutputadaptor.cpp 8f0ab01 
  phonon/backendcapabilities.cpp e088c71 
  phonon/effect.cpp 9b30017 
  phonon/experimental/abstractmediastream2.cpp ab80fbe 
  phonon/experimental/audiodataoutput.cpp 604a45f 
  phonon/experimental/avcapture.cpp 24ea8ba 
  phonon/experimental/avwriter.cpp 3019580 
  phonon/experimental/videodataoutput.cpp f3cc293 
  phonon/experimental/videodataoutput2.cpp 8a597fc 
  phonon/experimental/visualization.cpp b4684d3 
  phonon/factory.cpp 6b8f521 
  phonon/iodevicestream.cpp 41dc775 
  phonon/mediacontroller.cpp 9093237 
  phonon/pulsestream.cpp e129f1b 
  phonon/pulsesupport.cpp e2f9eb9 
  phonon/swiftslider.cpp 3739642 
  phonon/videoplayer.cpp 72ac0ca 
  phonon/videowidget.cpp 631f487 
  phonon/volumefadereffect.cpp 42a57ba 




Jon Severinsson

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