Phonon - Qt or KDE?

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Wed Nov 9 12:56:14 GMT 2011

On Sunday, November 6, 2011 21:20:33 Trever Fischer wrote:
> +1 for qt-project. Much like Amarok has been the guinea pig for a lot of KDE
> be the guinea pig for the upcoming Qt5 and KDE Frameworks hooplah.
how will moving to qt-project help with KDE Frameworks?

> A view I could see some developers taking on this would be a train of
> thought along the lines of this:
> * Phonon is some KDE thing, innit?
> * Oh, its Qt now?
> * Wait, there's other awesome Qt libraries that KDE made?
> * omgwtfbbq this is awesome

being included in Qt or being near Qt isn't enough for this. otherwise it 
would've happened starting 3 years ago when Phonon entered Qt. reality is that 
is requires a trail of crumbs for people to follow from Library A to the rest 
of KDE's libraries. it also requires the rest of KDE's libraries being 
designed similar to how Phonon is in terms of compartmentalization: Phonon is 
easy to pick and use on its own without picking up lots of other unwanted 
libraries (ok, some exceptions there perhaps?) while we're only attempting 
that at a grand scale with Frameworks 5. this was really the big blocker and 
we're working on solving it now.

in short, moving Phonon to qt-projects will not help this at all since it 
doesn't satisfy the bread-crumbs-to-follow-back-to-KDE requirement.

what we need is a way to make it easy to notice and find KDE libraries (and 
Phonon, in case one doesn't include it in that category :) and perhaps that 
means finding a way to have our libraries and resources show up on qt-project. 
how that's done should probably be done for all of our libraries.

it certainly doesn't happen by each project trying to figure out how to do it 
on their own.

we tried that with the git migration and that was a disaster until we started 
actually doing coordinated, planned implementations that got us to the actual 
goals rather than trying random things.

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