Phonon - Qt or KDE?

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Mon Nov 7 02:20:33 GMT 2011

On Saturday, November 05, 2011 05:05:47 PM Harald Sitter wrote:
> Lo' all!
> Some time ago I got asked whether we'd want to move Phonon to the
> qt-project infrastructure to reflect that it is not only for KDE
> software but the wider Qt ecosystem.
> That would mostly include:
> * gerrit for code review
gerrit is a big plus
> * jira for bugs
jira is okay
> * whatever is going to be used instead of gitorious for hosting (FWIW:
> moving back to gitorious is a no go ;))
do I hear angels singing?
> Disadvantages that come to mind:
> * KDE devs will need to get a new account to contribute to Phonon
> * bugs in KDE software that are really in Phonon cannot easily be
> moved within bugzilla but need to be reported on jira
Thats not too big an issue, people have been doing upstreaming of bugs since 
forever. If it gets reported to KDE, our awesome team of triagers usually gets 
to it and would send it our way.
> * the recent merge of #phonon into #kde-multimedia would seem somewhat
> weird? (thought I suppose we could get #qt-phonon ;))
Or #qt-multimedia? There's a lot more out there than just Phonon, such as 
QOpenAL, QJack, etc.
> Advantages that come to mind:
> * easier to market Phonon as *the one and only reasonable* Qt multimedia
> library
> Additional note on closeness to Qt:
> * as Qt 5 will not contain a Phonon module anymore, but instead
> developers are supposed to get it from us directly I am strongly
> considering to move Phonon to qmake and reduce the amount of
> not-necessary deps (automoc4 for example, which is cut by qmake itself
> already) to make it *a lot* easier for people to get the latest
> version and develop against that
Every build system sucks so I don't think this is much of an issue.

> * on a highly related matter I am not entirely opposed to the idea of
> using qdoc3 instead of doxygen (which gives the advantage of writing
> actually sane QML documentation and extremely magical theming for api
> dox + our doxygen stuff on has been broken for the last 3
> years and no one really knows why it seems)
iirc, doxygen supports qdoc.

> So, what do you think? Move to qt-project or stay on KDE infrastructure?
+1 for qt-project. Much like Amarok has been the guinea pig for a lot of KDE 
infrastructure improvements (git, reviewboard, etc), I think Phonon could be 
the guinea pig for the upcoming Qt5 and KDE Frameworks hooplah.

A view I could see some developers taking on this would be a train of thought 
along the lines of this:

* Phonon is some KDE thing, innit?
* Oh, its Qt now?
* Wait, there's other awesome Qt libraries that KDE made?
* omgwtfbbq this is awesome

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