Phonon - Qt or KDE?

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Wed Nov 9 12:49:22 GMT 2011

On Sunday, November 6, 2011 12:29:15 Harald Sitter wrote:
> The point being that there is Qt software that is not KDE software and
> thus not using cmake.

and all of KDE's libraries face this issue. yes, one answer is "port the 
libraries we can to qmake" and hope that everyone that we care about is using 
qmake. that answer will lead to our software using multiple build systems, 
those not using qmake for their Qt software having to use another build system 

i'd rather see a unified direction than a splintering. every time we go that 
path of "let's all move in separate directions" we end up hurting and even 
losing community. i could point to the git migration as the most recent 
example of this.

> More so, if you want to use Phonon on a mobile
> target it is quite the pain in the neck to deploy because you first
> might need to get all our fancy dependencies deployed. 

let's work on making that less a pain in the neck to accomplish then. (hello, 
frameworks 5!)

> Primarily
> however I am concerned with other desktop platforms. If you want to
> develop Qt on windows you'll first need to build and understand how to
> use cmake, if Phonon were using qmake you'd just open it in qtcreator
> and build it.

1. download and install cmake:

2. build it with QtCreator:

i'm personally uncomfortable with letting QtCreator dictate choices in build 
tools, particularly towards qmake, when they themselves are busy writing a 
sekrit aw3s4m3 replacement for qmake. :/

> > 2)° apparently the number of unnecessary deps can be reduced... well, I
> > am> not convinced.
> automoc can be cut mosdef (also on CMake as the entire logic ought to

cmake 2.8.6 includes automoc capabilities.

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