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On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 11:35 AM, Romain Perier <bambi at>
wrote:> Le 06/11/2011 02:16, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :>>>> On Saturday,
November 5, 2011 22:28:59 Romain Perier wrote:>>>>>> Le 05/11/2011
22:05, Harald Sitter a écrit :>>>>>>>> So, what do you think? Move to
qt-project or stay on KDE infrastructure?>>>>>> KDE is an awesome
project, really, but I think qt-project offers us more>>>
possibilities than staying in KDE.>>> so qt-project++ , for me.>>>>
has Qt really showed the kind of commitment and love to phonon in the
past>> that justifies that statement?>> To be honest, no, at least not
with phonon 4.4> What I meant is : in a near future, if phonon is
shipped with Qt, that's> interesting to promote it and to "market" it,
that all :) .> This is not an easy decision to make, you know, I just
give my opinion.
Phonon is *not* going to be shipped with Qt 5+!Qt 4.8.x will be the
last release to ship Phonon as part of Qt.
The proposal was about making Phonon live within the Qt ecosystem,
rather than the KDE one.
>> where did Phonon start? where did people step up from to pick it up when>> it>> was left to languish again?>> KDE :\
Technically it was me because it was left to languish after it was
left to languish :P
>>> Assuming we move phonon to qmake (just assuming),>>>> phonon is already enough of a chore to build. moving to the rather>> inferior>> qmake (particularly for redistributable libraries) would not be a step in>> the>> right direction.>>>> a lot of Qt projects out there use cmake. particularly non-trivial>> projects.>> I said "assuming" , this is a supposition and not an affirmation.> Personally, I dislike qmake, it is not well documented and I don't> understand why we should change a working build-system just because> "everything should use the Qt technology".> 1)° qmake *might* help us to easier build phonon on some platforms,> probably, but this is not a good argument for me... (many kde softwares are> ported on differents platforms and use cmake, for example) .

The point being that there is Qt software that is not KDE software and
thus not using cmake. More so, if you want to use Phonon on a mobile
target it is quite the pain in the neck to deploy because you first
might need to get all our fancy dependencies deployed. Primarily
however I am concerned with other desktop platforms. If you want to
develop Qt on windows you'll first need to build and understand how to
use cmake, if Phonon were using qmake you'd just open it in qtcreator
and build it.

> 2)° apparently the number of unnecessary deps can be reduced... well, I am> not convinced.

automoc can be cut mosdef (also on CMake as the entire logic ought to
be implementable as a macro, at least for the limited use cases that
Phonon has)

> 3)° Why should we use a build-system greatly inferior to cmake just because> "this is the Qt way" ?

It is not inferior considering what we do, which is not a whole lot
complicated. The reason is also not that it is the Qt way, but that it
is part of Qt.
Anywho, this is an idea that ought to be discussed separately, it has
nothing to do with the topic at hand really. :)
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