Phonon - Qt or KDE?

Romain Perier bambi at
Sun Nov 6 10:35:51 GMT 2011

Le 06/11/2011 02:16, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> On Saturday, November 5, 2011 22:28:59 Romain Perier wrote:
>> Le 05/11/2011 22:05, Harald Sitter a écrit :
>>> So, what do you think? Move to qt-project or stay on KDE infrastructure?
>> KDE is an awesome project, really, but I think qt-project offers us more
>> possibilities than staying in KDE.
>> so qt-project++ , for me.
> has Qt really showed the kind of commitment and love to phonon in the past
> that justifies that statement?

To be honest, no, at least not with phonon 4.4
What I meant is : in a near future, if phonon is shipped with Qt, that's 
interesting to promote it and to "market" it, that all :) .
This is not an easy decision to make, you know, I just give my opinion.

> where did Phonon start? where did people step up from to pick it up when it
> was left to languish again?
KDE :\

> instead of fragmenting
> and each trying to "fight for recognition" on our own, it would make a lot
> more sense to work together and create a coordinated effort that sees all of
> KDE's libraries be more visible and viable for Qt developers.
That's a good argument...
Well, phonon can be shipped with Qt and we can still continue to work 
together, with solid exchanges anyway.
I don't think we will abandon the KDE community... There are many 
interesting people, good projects , and a lot of softwares will continue
to use phonon, so that's completly idiot to don't work together :)

The fact to be able to be shipped with Qt is interesting for the project 
itself not for us (at least, this is my opinion).
I don't do what I do in KDE to gain recognition or to be a popular 
person... I just do that for the "love of the art" and I am pretty sure 
that a lot of phonon
developers are agree with me and share my opinion.

I think we should discuss about the advantages and disavantages of this 
proposition, and try to find an "objective" solution together.

>> Assuming we move phonon to qmake (just assuming),
> phonon is already enough of a chore to build. moving to the rather inferior
> qmake (particularly for redistributable libraries) would not be a step in the
> right direction.
> a lot of Qt projects out there use cmake. particularly non-trivial projects.
I said "assuming" , this is a supposition and not an affirmation.
Personally, I dislike qmake, it is not well documented and I don't 
understand why we should change a working build-system just because 
"everything should use the Qt technology".
1)° qmake *might* help us to easier build phonon on some platforms, 
probably, but this is not a good argument for me... (many kde softwares 
are ported on differents platforms and use cmake, for example) .
2)° apparently the number of unnecessary deps can be reduced... well, I 
am not convinced.
3)° Why should we use a build-system greatly inferior to cmake just 
because "this is the Qt way" ?

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