KGoldrunner still silenced in KDE 4.6

Ian Wadham at
Thu Apr 21 04:54:31 BST 2011

On Tuesday 19 April 2011 5:01:01 pm Ian Wadham wrote:
> On Monday 18 April 2011 4:51:00 am Trever Fischer wrote:
> > > On Saturday 09 April 2011 2:21:48 pm Ian Wadham wrote:
> > > Back in December/January I could get sound, but it was severely
> > > delayed and out of sync after just a few seconds of play, ending with
> > > almost no sounds at all being played.  Trunk was then at the KDE 4.6
> > > release level, near enough.
> > >
> > > My theory is that my gstreamer package may be just too old.  Is there
> > > a minimum version requirement for Phonon?  I am using OpenSuSE 11.2
> > > and the gstreamer version from that distro is libgstreamer-0_10-0 or
> > > 0.10.24-3.1-i586.
> >
> > From the log file, it looks like something is seriously fubar'd with your
> > gstreamer installation.
> >
> > Try the command listed under "Recreating the gstreamer pipeline":
> >
> The gstreamer installation seems OK.  It is v0.10.24, which it appears
> is only four minor points behind the latest GStreamer release.
> The gst-launch command and another utility I found, gst123, both play
> my sound-files very well in my usual login (ianw), but not when I switch
> to my development user (kde-dev).  I tried using sux rather than su
> to do the user-switch, but the results were no better, refer to
> The problem seems to be, both for gst-launch and gst123, that
> "alsasink" is not found in the kde-dev environment (see attached
> error messages).
> I will try to see what Shell environment variables have gone missing
> when switching users or maybe I will go back to building KDE trunk
> in my main user account, as I always did until a few days ago.
OK, now I have rebuilt KDE trunk and qt-copy from the ground up,
from sources on anongit, using kdesrc-build under my main account
(ianw) where gst123 and gst-launch will play all my sounds correctly,
as before.  kdesrc-build builds qt-copy with the -no-phonon option and
takes source for phonon and its GStreamer backend from anongit.

I run KGoldrunner from the command line by cd'ing to its build directory
and running ./kgoldrunner 2>log with all 5 PHONON debug variables set
to 5.  See the attached log (compressed using zip).  This is after editing
KGr source (to re-enable sound) and re-running make.  I have included
some timestamped debugging output from my sound class to indicate
what sounds KGr is wanting to play at what times.  I am running against
a KDE 4.3.5 desktop, but with KDEDIR, QTDIR, etc. set to pick up the
latest built code.  The log covers about the first 15 seconds of the
startup demo of KGoldrunner.

I still get GStreamer-CRITICAL messages from KGoldrunner but at least
I get some sound, however it is much as it was in December when I decided
to disable the sound option for the KDE 4.6 release.  Sound starts off OK
but gets further and further behind the action as time progresses and
many sounds get cancelled somehow, i.e. they do not play at all.  Also
there seems to be unusual CPU usage at times, judging by jerky animation.

KGr is programmed to detect missed QTimer signals and catch up on the
real-time action with painting temporarily suppressed.  When this happens,
the running figure(s) appear to jump suddenly from one point to another.
That is quite normal.  Qt does not guarantee that QTimer signals will
always be issued.  And occasionally Qt gets behind in event-processing.

So, any ideas on what is wrong?  Over to you, guys.

All the best, Ian W.
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