KGoldrunner still silenced in KDE 4.6

Ian Monroe ian at
Tue Apr 19 11:45:16 BST 2011

2011/4/19 Ian Wadham < at>:
> On Monday 18 April 2011 4:51:00 am Trever Fischer wrote:
>> > On Saturday 09 April 2011 2:21:48 pm Ian Wadham wrote:
>> > Back in December/January I could get sound, but it was severely
>> > delayed and out of sync after just a few seconds of play, ending with
>> > almost no sounds at all being played.  Trunk was then at the KDE 4.6
>> > release level, near enough.
>> >
>> > My theory is that my gstreamer package may be just too old.  Is there
>> > a minimum version requirement for Phonon?  I am using OpenSuSE 11.2
>> > and the gstreamer version from that distro is libgstreamer-0_10-0 or
>> > 0.10.24-3.1-i586.
>> >
>> From the log file, it looks like something is seriously fubar'd with your
>> gstreamer installation.
>> Try the command listed under "Recreating the gstreamer pipeline":
> The gstreamer installation seems OK.  It is v0.10.24, which it appears
> is only four minor points behind the latest GStreamer release.
> The gst-launch command and another utility I found, gst123, both play
> my sound-files very well in my usual login (ianw), but not when I switch
> to my development user (kde-dev).  I tried using sux rather than su
> to do the user-switch, but the results were no better, refer to
> The problem seems to be, both for gst-launch and gst123, that
> "alsasink" is not found in the kde-dev environment (see attached
> error messages).
> I will try to see what Shell environment variables have gone missing
> when switching users or maybe I will go back to building KDE trunk
> in my main user account, as I always did until a few days ago.
> On Monday 18 April 2011 3:50:01 am Ian Monroe wrote:
>> Using the latest distro is always a good start. :)
> My regular desktop contains a large amount of non-KDE-devel work,
> such as photo-processing, finances, presentations and class notes,
> so I like to stay on an old distribution for most of my work.
> For app development work I try to keep up with trunk, not the latest release,
> a) because changes in libraries, especially graphics and sound, often
> throw up problems in KDE games and b) because other gamers often like
> to use the latest and greatest from Qt/KDE and I like to build and try
> out their games' new features.  Also I don't wish to have too many versions
> of builds active at any one time for reasons of disk space and
> bandwidth (which is not great, here in Australia).

openSuse 11.4 is great, and its going to be using KDE 4.6 for the next
8 months so it won't stay the latest and greatest for long, don't
worry. :) These all sound like poor reasons to put up with the
problems you are having. I believe 11.2 has 'zypper dup' so you could
upgrade to 11.3 and then 11.4 without downloading a CD (though since
it is two versions, maybe a cd upgrade would be easier).


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