PulseAudio + Phonon curious issue

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Mon Jan 11 15:38:46 GMT 2010


the N900 currently uses an older PulseAudio version (0.9.15), which doesn't 
feature the device-manager extension.

I've created a small patch for Phonon (see attachment) that falls back on 
creating the "fake" audio outputs.

Now I'm facing the problem that I can play sounds only when there's no main 
event loop active.

In other words, my hello-world Phonon app works when I do:


But if I reverse the order, nothing is played:

    QTimer::singleShot(3000, myMediaObject, SLOT(play()));

Enabling the debug logging for PulseAudio, I'm getting the following in the 
working case:

"PulseSupport(2): Setting role to music for streamindex 
"PulseSupport(2): Found PulseAudio stream index 1213 for Phonon Output Stream 

And the following output in the non-working case:

"PulseSupport(2): Setting role to music for streamindex {c7b8603b-0000-4000-
"PulseSupport(2): Found PulseAudio stream index 1221 for Phonon Output Stream 
"PulseSupport(2): Phonon Output Stream {c7b8603b-0000-4000-aec9-a91b53ce69ff} 
is gone at the PA end. Marking it as invalid in our cache as we may reuse it."

To me, it looks like some kind of race condition, but I know too little about 
Phonon or PulseAudio to figure out why. Any help appreciated :)

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