KMix channels missing

Christian Esken esken at
Sat Jan 9 23:24:09 GMT 2010


due to a recent bug in KMix (SVN head), you might have a corrupted KMix 
profile directory. You might miss channels (controls) in the GUI, and will not 
be able to show them again with the the KMix GUI (channel selector dialog).

The bug was introduced between  KDE 4.3 and 4.4 for the "Allow arbitrary 
ordering of controls" feature. The bug is NOT present in any release, only in 

The easiest fix works like this:
a) Quit kmix
b) Remove profile directory
   rm -Rf ~/.kde4/share/apps/kmix/profiles/
   # or the following line (depending on where your KDE4 config is stored)
   rm -Rf ~/.kde/share/apps/kmix/profiles/ 
c) Start KMix again
d) Optional: You probably want to use the context menu "channels" after that.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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