NMM Release 1.0.0 "April"

Marco Lohse mlohse at motama.com
Tue Aug 14 11:02:17 BST 2007

We are proud to announce following release:

Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM)
Release 1.0.0
Codename "April"

The Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM) provides an
architecture that allows to create distributed multimedia application
easily: local and remote multimedia devices or software components can
be controlled transparently and integrated into a common multimedia
processing flow graph. NMM operates cross-platform: Arbitrary
networking technologies and various operating systems are seamlessly

New features and high-lights of this release:

* True and native cross-platform support: Linux PC (32/64bit),
  embedded Linux, PS3, MacOS, Windows XP/Vista, ...

* Completely re-designed network architecture: Including Parallel
  Binding feature, QoS tagging, improved RTP support, ...

* Increased modularity for customized building of NMM: Completely
  re-designed directory structure, enable/disable all optional NMM
  features and plug-ins, use NMM as middleware, or as multimedia

* Discovery service in registry: Dynamically find all NMM systems in
  your network

* Many new and improved plug-ins: Windows XP and Vista: audio and
  video renderers, audio codec support (e.g. WMA, MP3), and CD
  support, MacOS : audio renderer, Linux iPAQ : iPAQDisplayNode, and
  many others.

* Improved documentation: Installation process, development, API, ...

* New helloworld examples, for example discovery and multicast
  streaming using RTP with synchronized rendering

* Dual-licensing: Open Source and commercial versions available

Starting with this release, the NMM project is now officially being
maintained by Motama:

Feel free to download the latest NMM releases for various supported
platforms and operating systems:

Please refer to the frequently asked questions (faq) in order to get
started with using NMM and to get a better understanding of the
implications of using the software provided here:

Please also read the documentation or visit the official NMM forum
maintained by Motama:

Have fun,
  the NMM team at Motama

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Chief Executive Officer

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