Two small patches for juk (against tags/KDE/3.5.7)

Daniel Weigl danielweigl at
Fri Aug 10 08:16:08 BST 2007


Long time ago i had posted a bug/wish for juk for changing the default  
behaviour when scrolling over the icon in the System Tray.  
( ).

It is just a little, non invasive Patch - so maybe you could include it.

I cant describe the behavior detailed - but somehow the random-play was  
dependand on the underliying directory structure of the mp3's on the  
harddisk. Since i started using JuK i had the feeling, that it preferes  
some mp3's (or at least some genre). Some weeks ago i had resorted my  
complete collection - now one folder for each artist. And somehow, JuK now  
preferes some artist :)

The patch shuffles the random list each time it is build (i.e. if Juk is  
started, Collection is rebuild,...)

The last patch should work against the latest svn trunk. With wheel.diff I  
am not sure - i havent set up a KDE4 developing environment.

If there are some problems - pls. contact me.

I would be very glad, if the patches find its way into the m,ain trunk :)

Thank you in advance,
Daniel Weigl

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