more cleaning in trunk

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Feb 27 21:30:34 GMT 2006

Following up on my own post, and after discussion on IRC:

On Sunday 26 February 2006 17:46, Scott Wheeler wrote:

> Definitely should go:
> mpeglib/
> mpeglib_artsplug/
> mpg123_artsplugin/
> oggvorbis_artsplugin/
> audiofile_artsplugin/

I've removed these now.

> Potentially should be moved to an aRts support directory:
> xine_artsplugin/
> akode_artsplugin/
> arts/

David created a directory in /trunk/artskde, the question remaining is if we 
want the aRts plugins to go there or directly into the aRts modules.  We can 
also move kdelibs/arts there.  Matthias, thoughts?

> kmid/
> libkmid/

I talked to Antonio and he intends to update these for KDE 4, so they'll stay 
for now.  If anyone's particularly opposed to their staying around, speak 
up.  ;-)


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